Alma R. Moates
Quilt Appraiser

Alma's Biography

Alma is a Florida native and has resided in the Florida Panhandle in Northwest Florida all her life except for five years. Those five years were spent in Southern Maryland where Alma studied the quilts and quilters in the nearby Mennonite and Amish communities. She was also able to make trips to the Smithsonian Museum in Washington D.C. and view quilts from the museum's collection. This was her introduction to Baltimore Album quilts.

Alma's earliest memories of quilts include playing on a folded quilt when she was very small and playing under her Granny's treadle machine. Layers of heavy quilts were always on the beds in the winter to keep the cold at bay. Yes, it gets cold in NW Florida!

Alma started to teach herself how to quilt in 1969. She loved taking old clothing and making patchwork pillows and throws by hand.

College and a career as a Registered Nurse prevented her from quilting as much as she liked. She did however continue to read all she could about history and quilting.

Alma took her first quilting lesson in 1983 and traded cereal box templates in for plastic ones then a little later was introduced to the rotary cutter and mat! Oh, life got so much easier! She still takes classes and loves each one.

Alma was an antiques dealer for 15 years along with nursing and her specialty was quilts and linens. She quickly became known as "The Quilt Lady" by other dealers in her area.

Alma has collected quilts and quilt related memorabilia for 40+ years. In 2006 she attended AQS appraisal classes in Paducah, Kentucky. She successfully tested in 2008 and became AQS Certified in Quilted Textiles.

She appraises quilts at quilt shows, quilt shops, quilt guilds and by appointment. See her Appraisal Page to learn more.
Photos of beautiful beach scenes in NW Florida  
by Alma R. Moates
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