Alma R. Moates
Quilt Appraiser


"An Old Fashioned Bed Turning"-This is a program showing a sample of antique and contemporary quilts, starting with the most recent time period of the collection and ending with the oldest in the selection shown the day of the program. Each quilt will be discussed concerning the workmanship, era, fabrics used and any historical significance the pattern may have. The history of quilting is covered briefly during the presentation.
"History of Quilting"- An indebth program concerning the history of quilting in the United States starting with the late 1700's and ending with the present day. History is discussed as it pertains to quilts and the influence of national and world events on quilting.
"Flour Sacks Make Better Underwear!"-History of Feed/Flour sacks and the many uses of each will be discussed and samples of sacks, quilts, quilt tops and other textiles made from sacks will be shown. This program can get a bit humorous at times.
"Dating Antique Fabrics and Quilts"- How to date fabrics and quilts based on the color, pattern and methods of dyeing fabrics. Vintage tools are shown with this program.
"Little Quilts for Little Ones"- An overview of the history of crib and doll quilts. Several examples of these quilts will be shown during the lecture.
"The Nurse is in the House!"- Learn the similarities between the Nursing Process and the Appraising Process and what quilt appraisers look for when appraising your quilts.
"Southern Quilts Found on the Gulf Coast"- A trunk show and lecture focusing on quilts collected from the Gulf Coast region, from the Florida Panhandle to Texas. Quilts in the trunk show are Southern quilts from Alma's collection and range from 1890-1950.

All programs/workshops are $350.00 plus round trip auto mileage from my home to your location- *Price for mileage is reached by using the IRS approved rate at time of travel. A $50.00 non-refundable deposit is required. Balance to be paid on date of program or workshop.

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