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The History of Quilting; Cotton Farming; Cotton Gins; String Quilts and Other Rural Southern Quilts


I give lectures and workshops concerning quilting in the deep South and the History of Quilting and Ginning Cotton.

Flour Sacks-An Area Staple


One of my most requested lectures is "Flour Sacks Make Better Underwear". This is a humorous lecture. It's also very informative. I share the history of FS as well as show many quilts and other things made of FS. I also tell many personal stories concerning FS use. Would you like to make something out of FS? I do a great class on that also!

The Quilts of the Gulf Coast-FL-TX


I have been collecting quilts for 50 years!  Yes, I started early. Until 30 years ago, all were from the near Gulf Coast area. I was so thrilled when I found my first affordable applique quilt!

Classes and Workshops


I have several lectures and workshops. One lecture/workshop is "Signature Quilts/Memory Quilts" and How to Create Your Own". My fees for workshops starting 2020 is $400.00 for 4 Hour/$600.00 for 6 Hour Class



I travel by car mostly. My mileage is based on the current IRS rate both ways. I can stay in a private home provided it's smoke free and free of snakes! I do not like snakes!!! I can stay in a nice Hotel if you prefer. Starting 2020 my lecture fee will be $400.00 for a one hour lecture and trunk show.

Quilt Show Judge

Would you like to have an appraiser who is also an experienced quilt Judge? I can do that.

Would you like an AQS Certified Appraiser that can also Judge your Quilt Show quilts? I can do that. Starting January 2020 all new contracts will be $400.00 for an all day Judging.