Alma R. Moates
Quilt Appraiser
Alma R. Moates
AQS Certified Appraiser-Quilted Textiles
Member of PAAQT
Pensacola, Florida
Alma R. Moates is an AQS certified appraiser of quilted textiles,collector,educator,lecturer,quilter,  historian,and consultant.

Alma is a Florida native and has been quilting since 1969. She grew up in a rural area where quilting was always a way of life. Alma has a passion for history and the part quilting has played in it. She loves to share her collections and knowledge with others through lectures, workshops and appraising.
See her biography to learn more about her history and experience.

Alma belongs to The American Quilter's Society, American Quilt Study Group,Professional Association of Appraisers of Quilted Textiles,The Florida Quilt Study Group,Gulf States Quilters Association,Azalea City Quilters Guild and Pensacola Quilters Guild.

You can contact Alma for an appointment or to request a lecture, workshop, appraisal day or consultation at:

Alma R. Moates
6295 Frank Reeder Road
Pensacola, Florida 32526
(850) 944-3334 Home
(850) 324-1510 Cell
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