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Why have your quilt appraised?

Appraisals are done for Insurance unless otherwise stated by the client. Appraisals can also be done for re-sale or donation.

 Some clients seek appraisals for estate planning or in case of a divorce when household contents are sold and proceeds divided. 


Insurance for quilts traveling to quilt shows are appraised for insurance.

Quilters sending their quilts to shows for entry seek insurance in case of loss or damage. 


Antique quilts are insured in case of loss due to loss or damage or for estate planning or sale.

If a quilt does not warrant an appraisal, due to low value, the client will be told and a written appraisal will not be done. A verbal evaluation stating age, pattern, or other information can be done for a fee as well.

Contact me by phone or email.

Appraisals must be done in person. Quilts cannot be done from photos.

I appraise antique, vintage and newly made quilts, wall quilts, art quilts and quilted garments.

Alma R. Moates AQS Certified Appraiser-Quilted Textiles

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AQS Certified Appraiser-Quilted Textiles


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